What our Customers say...


They were absolutely amazing to work with and saved our event! Without this team we would not have had a party.

I really loved working with Luis, Cole and their team. I have to say when you are in a situation where your home has been turned upside down and the people around you get it and are so understanding it means the world to us. They were so professional and always communicated and wen't the extra mile which is a fabulous thing. 100% recommend this company with that team.

SERVPRO of Beverly Hills-Westwood did a great cleaning of our office. The whole team was very professional and answered all our questions regarding the materials used. We had our office cleaned for a tier 2 level cleaning that consisted of fogging and cleaning touch points. The technicians arrived on time and were very efficient. I would not hesitate to use them again, for either home or commercial use.

You helped to make my family comfortable through the earliest stages of this traumatic water event in our house. I never felt like just another job for your team to complete, I felt like you cared about my property. 

I hope that no one needs professional restoration for their home, but if you do, I cannot stress enough how great of a choice SERVPRO is. 

Thanks to your pack out people that worked fast to remove items I assumed were lost forever. They look better than they did even before the incident. 

I was worried our family home would never look the same again, but your team worked day and night to give us back our house the way it used to be. 

Thanks SERVPRO! Your amazing equipment helped remove the foul odor after our horrible attempts at home cooking. We are breathing easy now. 

I will never use another restoration company. The house fire seemed like it took so much from us, but your amazing team worked so hard to return our home to how it used to look. 

You did a great job cleaning up the mold I found under my sink. I am really glad I found you.

After a pipe burst in my shop, it was such a mess. However, your team was able to help me get everything back in order.

Rain came inside our home due to an open window, but your company was able to help us and get dried it out.

I never thought our kitchen would be the same again after the fire, but your team was able to restore it for us.

I was really impressed with how quickly you cleaned up our bathroom leak. My friends are definitely going to hear about you!

Your company is great! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing mold damage repairs in their homes. I know if it ever happens in my house again, you will be the first and only call I plan on making.

Knowledge is power, and these professionals have a lot of it. They obviously know how to fix all of the damages caused by the fire. They are also willing to go the extra mile for me.

Your team is so thorough with their service that they have uncovered many problems and water damages that I would have never known about.

I have had my first flood which was a very stressful experience. This company has eased my concerns and brought me a peace of mind with their services.

I have faced something that I thought I would never face in my home, a fire. It was a very scary and disheartening experience. You guys not only acted fast, but comforted me. You have also fixed every damage.

I would recommend this company to anyone that is in need of a fire repair service. They are honest, thorough and generous in their pricing.

These professionals have saved my home, my health, and the health of my family. They knew the proper procedures for taking care of the mold.

You guys have made so many water damage repairs to my home. You guys worked at such a quick pace without making too many mistakes.

I have accidentally knocked a candle over and a fire broke out and got out of control. When looking for a fire damage repair company, I found this company. The professionals have taken care of every hint of fire damage.

When my home was flooded, I thought I was in for a tough battle. These guys have fought and won the battle for me.

Mold damage repair should be left to the professionals, especially these professionals. They have found mold in places that I never would’ve believed it would have shown up.

You guys have great water repair service for the price. You guys kept the price within the boundaries of my insurance budget.

Fires are stressful, the damages left over need the service of a repair professional. These services are typically expensive. However you guys saved me a lot of money and stayed within my insurance budget.

It would have taken my home a long time to dry up thoroughly. These professionals cut the time down by a lot with the equipment and know how.

I already have health problems to begin with. The mold was making it worse no matter what I did. These professionals literally made my house safe to live in.

This company has used all of the equipment needed to find every damage and potential problems with moisture in my home. They have also given me a lot of information about the long term effects of water damage.

They have not only taken care of the water problem that resulted from a broken pipe, but they have also restored my office from the damages that water has caused.

I have learned that fires are surprisingly easy to cause. Thanks to these professionals, I have also learned that high quality fire repair service can actually be very affordable.

You guys took care of my home and told me a lot of new things about mold. I will always call you when I have a mold problem.

I don’t know what I would have done without these professionals. Even if I had tried, I wouldn’t have fixed my office anywhere near as well as they did.

These professionals have so much knowledge about the damages water could do to property. If it was up to me, I would have caused a lot more harm than good in my home.

I was overwhelmed by the mold build up that I started looking for professional. I am glad I have found you. You have taken care of the mold and it hasn’t returned since you left.

I have called them and they have come over to my place immediately to do an assessment on the damages caused by the fire. They also repaired every bit of damage.

These professionals have found many new leaks and their equipment helped them uncover moisture from places that I would’ve never been able to find and take care of. My home was thoroughly taken care of.

One very important thing about your company is that you got started on the repairs very quickly. I like that I did not have to wait very long before you showed up at my place to inspect it and perform the necessary repairs from storm damages.